Embark on Your Research Journey in Mathematics


Our Postgraduate Programs

Honours: This one-year program strengthens your mathematical foundation through coursework and a culminating research project. It prepares you for further postgraduate studies or entry into the workforce.
Master's by Research: This program allows you to focus entirely on research under the guidance of a faculty member. You'll explore a specific area of pure or applied mathematics, culminating in a master's thesis.
PhD: This prestigious program is designed for highly motivated researchers seeking to make an original contribution to the field. You'll conduct in-depth research under the supervision of a faculty expert and present your findings in a doctoral dissertation.

Preparing for Your Research Journey

Since our Master's and PhD programs are research-focused, we encourage you to proactively connect with potential supervisors before applying. This allows you to discuss your research interests, explore potential topics, and ensure a strong fit between your aspirations and our faculty expertise.

For further inquiries or to explore specific research areas, please don't hesitate to contact us at maths@mandela.ac.za. We're here to help you take the next step in your mathematical journey.