Applied mathematics looks outward at the world. It is mathematics in the service of something else or inspired by something in the real world.

Consequently applied mathematics majors will learn to describe the physical and biological world through mathematics.

Applied mathematical techniques are used in a variety of other disciplines. The applied mathematics modules are constructed to provide the techniques of mathematical analysis which can be used in a range of science and industrial situations.

As with most mathematical disciplines, the material is linear in nature. Material covered early will be utilised, expanded upon or verified in later modules.

If you want to be an applied mathematician, you must first learn mathematics to apply. You will find that many pure mathematics modules are required for some of the applied mathematics modules. It is strongly recommended that you look ahead in your academic path and plan your module selection accordingly.

For students planning to pursue graduate level applied mathematics or a career that relies heavily on expertise in applied mathematics, it is also recommended to become familiar with computer programming and statistical techniques. Using applied mathematics to model and solve real life problems often requires computing and statistical analysis.


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