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Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Prof Harding at a transformation workshop held earlier on the day with Mathematics Department staff


Postgraduate Studies

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The Department offers both Mathematics and Applied Mathematics as majors within a BSc degree programme. Postgraduate programmes in Mathematics up to PhD level are also offered by the department.

A range of service Mathematics courses are housed in the department. These include Mathematics courses for Engineering, Commerce, Education and Law students.

Departmental research interests are in Abstract Algebra, Computational Mathematics, Biomathematics and Functional Analysis.


Ms Christa Esterhuizen
Departmental Secretary
Tel: 27 41 504 2310

Dr Jacob Maritz
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 041 5042018

Head of Department Jacob "Jakes" Maritz: "I love my job!"
Head of Department Jacob "Jakes" Maritz enthralling Grade 8 and 9 learners at the launch of National Science Week on Saturday, August 5th


Head of Department Jacob "Jakes" Maritz is engaged by young learners at the recent National Science Week launch