06 May 2019
TLM CoP Meeting

Universities of South Africa Community of Practice for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics (TLM CoP)  Meeting

hosted at Nelson Mandela University, Chancellors Room, First Floor, Madibaz Indoor Sport Centre (24), South Campus.

Departmental Seminar titled "Let there be numbers" presented by Stefan Veldsman on the 23rd of April at 13:00 in 070250.

The PageRank Algorithm: An introduction to the working of the algorithm and some interesting applications presented by Christiaan Pretorius.

How2@Mandela: Connect with your Lecturers

Part of the first year orientation week.

Maths: What I need to know , part of the first years orientation week.

Maths: What I need to know , part of the first years orientation week.

A departmental seminar on Why Multiplex Networks, presented by Tresia Holtzhausen.

What is a network, what is a complex network and what exactly is a multiplex network? Why should multiplex networks be investigated when we already have single layer networks with existing established tools for analysis? A brief introduction with some examples for context will be given.

A departmental seminar on Radio astronomy and the SKA project, presented by Dr Martin Weigt.

This talk will focus on galaxies, their structure and what radio waves can reveal about them, which other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum cannot: A discussion on what SKA will contribute to our understanding of the universe will also be discussed.

A Mathematics and Applied Mathematics departmental Seminar on The 2018 Abel Prize by Prof Stefan Veldsman.

Professor Ansie Harding of the University of Pretoria's Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics will give a public lecture on the Popularization of Mathematics.